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Welcome to the Celtic League Empty Welcome to the Celtic League

Post  don.squire on Tue 4 May 2010 - 0:08

Welcome eVisitor,

The Celtic League of eRepublik is an international movement inspired by Celtic Culture, Ancient Languages and Warrior Brotherhood. We represent thousands of eCitizens as we use diplomacy, hard work and the written word to lead us down a path toward freedom and confederacy. We look to a future when all eCelts will have the ability to elect representatives and shape national policy, while remaining free of tyranny, oppression and collusion.

Join with us as we strive to create a "new", new world, a world were nationalism extends to an international scale and despotic forces bow to citizen rights. You are the future of the Celtic League, Stand with us, grow beside us and the power of our swords and pens will send the imperial forces crashing all around us!

eIreland Celtic League Chairman


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